Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Toilet in China ( "modern" one)

This toilet is more "modern". This one was taken in a famous tibet temple in yovnan. The small metal spot on the wall is the button for you to clean your "waste".

Do you know how to go? Yes, face out. No door, of course. But, in this toilet, there is water. You can push the button on the wall. Yes, that very small metal spot in the picture. So, in this kind of toilet, no shit smell. It's clearier. There is also another kind of toilet in the very courtryside place. I did not take pictures. CAUSE, I CAN NOT GO INTO THAT KIND OF TOILET. Shit everwhere near the door of that kind toilet. How can I go? It's really very strange. How do local people go? Maybe they have a good way to cross over shits.

Usually, this kind of very local & old toilet are in very small viliages. "public toilet", mm, maybe. So, next time when you have a chance to drive along a road in small countries in mainland China, remember to find "public toilet". Then you can see this very localized toilet in person.

Wish you have a good luck to go to that kind of toilets. That means :" Do not take others' shits back with you on your shoes" :)


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