Sunday, September 25, 2005

Umbrella does not work

Today is my birthday, happy birthday to myself. Ok, enough. Back to my topic. Why umbrella doesn't work in China? Here we are not talking about the most fuction you know of umbrella. We are taking about function of umbrella related with toilet in China. Why umbrella related with toilet?
Remember that? No doors in toilet in small viliages. So, you need to open your umbrella, let your umbrella "fact out " in front of you. So, no body can see you while you are "in" toilet. Do you know this , now?
This is wrong. Do not open your umbrella in such toilet I posted before. Cause, local peole, yes, citizens of people's republic of China, Chinese, they will come to "SEE" what is under umbrella. So, many people will come to see you while you are in toilet. Just because your umbrella.
People in mainland China are used to accept that . I mean, " NO DOORS IN TOILET." SO, it's not strange for them to go scuh toilet. They do not really "see" you. They only see "empty place" for them to go to toilet. If you open your umbrella, they maybe want to see "what is inside" . ^_* !!!

Why should I say this? Cause I watched a TV program in China. People who know me all know this. I like to watch TV. That TV program is related with a murder case. Mother & Father in law killed their daughter in law & let her head & body in different places. When the police came to that place, there were already many people. How can police do their business? So, one police officer asked the leader of that small village to let people leave that place. Do you know what that leader said to the officer?

" I can not do this. We are in a small village. People did not see murder before. They all can here to see it. They are all very curious about this. " Yes, that's what I want to to say. "Curious". If you open your umbrella in such toilet, local people will want to "See" you. Curious, of course. I have a better luck. I am Chinese, too. Chinese born in Taiwan. If I didn't speak, they usually can not know. Maybe they will think that I come from some big cities. But, for western people, you do not have better luck. Cause, they can tell you from local people easily. By skin color. So easy, right?

The best way for you to go to such toilet is behave like a local people. By the way, do not wear long paints or long skirts. Why? remember that? shits maybe on the ground. Maybe in some very local toilet. My mother didn't want me to take a picture of that. Too dirty. I went to this kind of toilet twice. Once, I went. Cause I still can find a way to go. The other time, I didn't. Cause, "Shits everywhere on the road". How can I find the way to enter the toilet? Shits are full.

You still can wear long skirts or open your umbrella when you want to go to toilet in China. But, not in toilet. In grass. There are no toilets in some places. You need to find a place
to "go" by yourself. In that kind of places, you really need long & big skirts & umbrella.

I can not talk too much about toilet in China. I STILL NEED TO APPLY MY VISA TO China. ^_* !!!


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