Monday, September 26, 2005

Modern Toilet in China

These 2 pictures were taken during Chinese Lunar New Year this year. In the place where most people in Shang-hai like to go. Yes, people's square. Why they like to go to this place? Simple. Because there are museum, city hall, music hall, resturants and so on. Is that so simple? NO. People's square is the stop for people to change subway line 1 to subway line 2. That's the reason. People who live in the western part of shang-hai & want to go to eastern part of shang-hai need to change subway line at this stop.

Why they need to go to eastern part of Shang-hai? International airport is located in eastern part of shang-hai. High-tech industrial park is also located in eastern part of Shang-hai. There are less people live in eastern part of shang-hai. Because this area is a new area for people to live. According to my brother in law's talk, this area (po-dong, means eastern part of shang-hai) is designed by a Frenchman. Well, it really seems like Paris. I mean, buildings & roads.

Po-dong is the name of eastern part shang-hai in Chinese. Po is the short name of shang-hai in Chinese. Dong means eastern part or east in Chinese.

So, back to my toilet topic again. What written on these 2 pictures? Those are Chinese characters. The meaning of those words is you need to put 1 dollar( 1 RMB, equals to 4 NTD) into it. Then you can stay in that toilet for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the door will open by itself. mm, I do really want to see what will be happened after 20 minutes. *_^ !!

I know there are so many this kind of toilet in Europe, along streets. In Paris, or other cities. mm, right? So, there are also mordern toilets in China. (Can I get my visa to China? *_^ !!)


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