Sunday, October 02, 2005

Toilet Topic Again

Well, it seems that I like this topic very much. Ok, the last one picture related with toilet. I should introduce something good in China next time. Of course, not for my visa. There are really something good in China.

Another thing I need to say first. My birthday passed for a week, but I still do not get any e-flowers. It seemd that married man's words can not be believed.

This picture was taken in a place where our driver stopped to have lunch. There is a door in this toilet. Door. Good news, right? But, there is no water in this "standard tranditional toilet". The light is not very good. So, I didn't take it well. Can you imagine how to go to this kind of toilet by yourself?

I plan to go to China again next year. Maybe I shall take more toilet pictures back. More "traditional" & "countryside" .


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