Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dolls in Li-jiang ancient city

This is me on the street in Li-jiang ancient city. Can you see what is on the shelf behind me? Dolls. A lot of dolls. TEHY ALL DRESS IN DIFFERENT DRESSES. The dresses they dress represent their races. The most beautiful one I like is doll of miao race. (苗族) Because they wear a lot of silver accessories. Girls look really more beautiful with silver.

The another one I like most is mosuo people. Cause, grandmother is most powerful person in the family. Men? no. Usually mosuo people live with their original families. No marriages. But, they can have sex & have kids. Kids live with their mothers. Usually, kids will know who are their father at age of 13.That means, the man in your family is your uncle. Your mother's brother. Not your father. Where is your father? Your mother will tell you when you are 13 years old. Is that good for men? No wife. No marriage. Having sex with girls. Good? No. you won't feel good when you know other details more.Cause, men only can go to girls' rooms after 12 pm. Men need to leave gilrs' rooms before 5 am. Is that good? Depends on you.


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