Sunday, October 02, 2005


These four cute dolls are in 3 different races. From left to right are Mosuo people, Mosuo people, Naxi race & white race. You can buy this kind of dolls in Li-jiang ancient city. The price of one doll maybe 18 RMB.( equals to 72 NTD, or around 2 EU) But, you need to bargain. This is normal in China. Maybe they like this.

The price I bought is 10 RMB for 2 dolls.(equals to 40 NTD, or around 1 EU) Did I bargain with them? No. I just saw the price in one small shop. No, not I was in good luck. I done "window shopping" almost every shop in Li-jiang ancinet city already. This is the very first thing you need to do in China. Do not buy anything you want to buy at frist time you see it. Do "Window shopping" for more shops & ask price. Then you can have a little bit idea of price.

Usually, they sell almost the same things in shops. I mean, if you go to a clothes shop, the design of clothes usually almost the same. So, window shopping first.


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