Monday, October 24, 2005

meat circle? rou yuan

Meat circle? I do not know how to translate this. The shape of this is in a circle. Inside this are meat slices & bamboo. On the top of my meat circle(rou yuan) is sauce. Soybean sauce, hot & sweet sauce. The outer skin of rou yuan is made of casawa starch. So, after boiled, elastic in mouth feel. See my 3rd picture. That's the way rou yuan looks like. ( Those in that yellow box)

Rou-yuan is a kind of famous food in Chang-hua county. You can fried raw rou yuan. But, in the southern part of Taiwan, they steam rou-yuan. I like steam one. Cause, not so oily.

This costs me 35 NTD. (around 1 Euro)


  • At 5:55 AM, Blogger deCinabre said…

    You make me very hungry.

    'meat circle'? In English, I think perhaps we would say 'meat pudding' for food like this.


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