Tuesday, October 18, 2005

bai bai?

Well, what will be your answer to see such a big "constrution" outside your home? on a road? To chinese, before, maybe not now, they did not think this is illegal. This is our "tradition culture" . If you live in Taiwan, or lived in Taiwan, you know that there is also "traditional Chinese music" with such things. Tell you a truth, I do not understand traditional Chinese music. I can not tell which one is wedding or funeral,either.

The one in my 1st picture is for celebrating some Gods' birthday. Usually, people build such big construction when they have weddings or funerals outside their homes or on a road. Yes, they can go to churches, resturants or funeral houses. But, some people think that is closer in feeling to do those things in "this way". See the red cloth in the top? If you do thing joyful, like wedding, celebrating birthday of Gods, we Chinese usually hang on a red cloth on the top of roof. (see my 2nd picture)If this is related with died people, we chinese ususally hang on a white cloth on the top of roof.

In fact, we Chinese usually write down the topic we do on the toppest sign. I know all these things maybe look the same for you. If you do not understand Chinese, that's no problem. Next time, try to find that "cloth". If it is red, that means joyful things. If it is white, that means funeral.


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