Monday, October 17, 2005


Eat this before? chewy & delicious mochi ! ^_* !! This is famous snack food of Hua-lien city. But, the one I bought is in a branch shop in Taipei city. Mochi is made from a kind of rice. The texture of mochi is soft & elastic. You can not put mochi outside for couple days. The best way is "eat it now" !!

Why I bought this? Cause you can put the one I bought into refrigerator. Then, you can have "ice cream". Magic? No, they just add some new food raw materials into mochi. There are 13 flavors. They are red pea, orange, kiwi, mocha & honey pea, taro, coffee, green pea, sesame, gold jujube(famous fruit in I-lan),peanuts, pickles, pickled white carrot & fruit king(famous fruit from Tailand).

There are 10 mochi in a box which I bought. You can pick flavors you like. (See those baskets in 1st picture, different flavors mochi are in different baskets) 15 NTD for 1 mochi, red pea flavor is cheap, only need 12 NTD for 1 mochi.


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