Thursday, October 13, 2005

Taiwanese fruit in China ?

Well, can you read in Chinese? This is an Ad on a wall of a convenient store in Hang-zhou(杭州). This convenient store is next to the hotel I lived in Hang-zhou. By the way, I also need to mention one thing. When I went to Hang-zhou in Sep., Bill Clinton had a speech in Hyatt Hotel. Hyatt hotel is next to my hotel. I wanted to see Bill, but , I had no chance. It's a pitty.

What did it write in that AD? Selling tickets of Taiwanese fruit. That means you buy the tickets first, then you can have Taiwanese fruit. People love things come from Taiwan in those big cities in China. Like Shang-hai, Hang-zhou and etc. So, what comes from Taiwan is very hot in those big cities. But, do those things really like the way they in Taiwan? I double it.

Why? Cause, soybean milk is lighter. Taiwanses saucege? No, not saucege, more like hot dog. And, we do not eat so salty food in Taiwan.

Next time, I will tell you more about Taiwanese food in China. *_^ !!


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