Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Visiting marriage?

This is lugo lake. "female nation". Same as I said, they do "visiting marriage"! Now, they still can choose to do or not. They can choose to get married, live together or still do "visiting marriage".

Those people in my 2nd pictures are mosuo people who dress in their traditional clothes. The reason for them to dress like that is for tourists. They will dress like that and row a boat for you. Of course, you need to pay.

In this place, mm, I like this place. Everything is so simple. I stayed there only for 1 night. In the afternoon, my driver drank a little wine. So, he could not drive. (According to the traffic law) He invited us to a mosuo people 's home and had a very nice chat with the mosuo boy. He also drank. I should say, he drank a lot. He was the one who asked my driver to drink. The mosuo boy talked a lot. Maybe he is a little bit drunk. He told us a lot about mosuo people. He envies us very much. Cause we can sleep with the one who we love. But, they can not. They only can do visiting marriage during 12 AM ~5 AM.

But, I envy them very much. The way they live. Everything is so simple. Not like me, live in a big jungle city. Bad air. Polluted. I stayed in li-jiang only 1 week. After I went back to Taipei, I have allergy almost everyday. :(

Yes, I like those we called rare races in China. (中國的少數民族) They drink, dance & sing in the night or in big party. Young people can meet who they like during this kind of occasion. Can I ? I double it. Can I "see" someone and take him home? Maybe I will be killed by my mother. :)

Big cities full of too many fake things. Fake feelings, fake marriages, fake Prada, fake LV, Fake Gucci, fake money, fake food and etc. Can I find something real in cities? Real gun? ha ha, jokes, of course.

People always say: you will know he is the right person when you meet him. Really? I double it "again". Casue, where is my prince?

Another night I spent in a tibet city in yunan, I joined their party. Dancing. mm, good. My driver called it "精神文明" ~~~ It means civiliation in spirit . Is he right?


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