Monday, October 10, 2005

God who can give you nice marriage?

mm, nice topic. Many people go to dihua street to buy traditional chinese medicine or dried sea food & etc. But, there is a famous city God temple. Do you know? Not only famous for it's old history. Famous for the God who can give you nice marriage. The God who can give you good marriage also "lives" inside that temple. This temple is called Hsiahai city God temple. Many people go there to ask another God for good marriage. ( )

I can not take pictures inside temple or at Gods. That's impolite. What are those people in my 1st picture doing? They finished to ask Gods their wishes and they needed to set up incense. You can see the weather on that day in my picture. It was raining day. Still so many people to go there. mm, hard to find good marriage now? so many people to go there to ask the God for help?

I went to the temple few years ago. My roommate asked me to go. She said it is very helpful & useful. But, now, I still single availible. She? She was engaged on Sep. 23 in this year. She will get married after our Chinese lunar new year next year. Of course, I will be her bride's mate.

She asked me to write down what I want for my husband. Like ages, height, looks, educational back ground, work, salary, families and etc. (What you want, you can ask.) The more detailed you made, the more clearly for God to pick for you. So I made 23 wishes. How funny that day was. My incense lighted off. (no one lighted off ) What did this mean? Maybe "no such guy in my data base" . ^_* !!

My roommate only had 3 wishes. Taller than her, older than her, believes in same religion. So simple. So, God gives her a man. She was engaged. Wish her can be happy in everyday in the rest of her life.

So, can God give you a good marriage? Depends on oneself. Good marriage needs to manage by these 2 married persons. If those 3 simple wishes are good marriage, why so many people get divorced?


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    Hi! Ally,
    I came across your site so many times, it's a nice plce to share some life stories. Looks nice. Ganbade!!!


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