Friday, October 07, 2005

My favorite food

Tonight, I went to SOGO department store to get my small gift. Why can I get this free gift? I will tell you next time. I found that there was my favorite food in a shop next to SOGO department store. Fried Chicken. Yes, my favorite one. That one was sold in Taichung, only in Taichung few years ago. At that time, I was a student in university. Every time, when I felt not good in mood, I went to down town area of Taichung city and ate my favorite food.

I can eat this here in Taipei now. But, I am not happy. The flavor was good in Taichung. Not in Taipei. I do not like the fried chicken they sell in these chain stores. The one in Taichung was a small shop. Now it becomes a "chain store" . Not the one I liked before. So sad.

The man in the first picture is measuring the weight of fried chicken & adding spice. The prices of fried chicken are 50 & 100 NTD. Depends on weight.


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