Friday, October 07, 2005

Politics in Taiwan(big disaster again)

Well, I bought my first digital camara few days ago. The reason for me not buying one is "out of date too soon". But, now I need one. To take more toilet pictures? ha ha, of course not, of course, that is a joke. This one I bought is Benq C420. It's on sale in a shopping mall. It only costs 3999 NTD.(around 100 Euro) So, I decided to buy it. Then, I can use it to "write" my "dairy" ~~~~

Today is the first day for me to take my "new toy" with me. What did I see? mm, I saw people who will want to join the election in the end of this year in front of subway station. I do not know much about them. The only thing I know is they want to become mayor of Hsing-dian city & Taipei county. They were waving hands to people who pass that road.

Funny ?

When I see people are waving their hands in front of subway station like this, the only thing I know is big disaster is coming. Election again in the nearly future.


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