Monday, October 10, 2005

fake starbucks in Shang-hai

This one was taken by my "roommate in honor". Looks like starbucks coffee shop? Yes, it really "looks" like starbucks coffee shop. If you can read in Chinese, you can know that. Not only "looks" like, it also named in starbucks. But, in Chinese. The name of this shop is "starbucks in Shang-hai" in Chinese.

The first time when we stopped at this shop. We all felt strange. When did it start to sell Chinese meals in starbucks coffee shop? Not only coffee & juice? It's really so strange in Shang-hai. And there is also Chinese words on the sign. How come? I do not see any Chinese words on the sign of starbucks coffee shop in Taiwan.

After a while, we think this "starbucks coffee shop" is a fake one. I do not mean it is bad or not good in food. I mean this one is not the real starbucks coffee shop, the one we know, chain stores everywhere in the world.

This one is located in Naking E. road in Shang-hai. I forget the real position. Maybe you can find it by yourself next time.

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