Monday, October 10, 2005

Taiwanese food in yuanhuan

Yuanhuan is a place where there are many traditional Taiwanese food restuarants. Restuarants? Maybe not. See my 3rd picture. Do you think that is "restuarant"? How do you call it? depends on yourself.

In the pass years, there are many "resturants". Now, no. Maybe I shall say, no so many "restuarants". "Restuarants" before, maybe you have no guts to go inside. "Dirty & dark", maybe is your first image to old yuanhuan. Now, it is brighter & cleaner. But, less people go. Stange for you? or I shall say, strange Taiwanese?

There are 2 soups, 1 fried to-fu and 1 glass of ice green tea. The total price of this meal is 100 NTD, equals to 2.5 Euro dollars. That ice green tea is free. Cause I spent 100 NTD. (in my 1 st picture)

What is inside in the soup in my 1st picture? I do not know how to say in English. The one is spoon is one part of pig's leg. (腳筋) It tasted elastic. The others in my soup is meat. Meat which is sink in spicy first for a while or couple hours, then they put meat into casava powder. Then, put meat into hot water.

My 2nd picture is fried to-fu. You can see the inside of to-fu is still softy. But, the outer of to-fu is crispy. You can see sauce & vegetable which can eat with fried to-fu in my 1st picture. Of couse, I ate them all. No sauce in my 2nd picture. ^_* !!

My 2nd soup, mm, good to Chinese, but, probably not good to western people. Cause, those inside my soup in pig's stomach . It also tasted elastic. (in my 4th picture) By the way, there are also four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine inside that soup. "Good for men" ! YOU CERTAINLY KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. But, women can eat that,too. That's the magic of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tell you the truth. In chinese medicine, " kidney" is related with hormone, so, these four Chinese medicine is related with horomone, so, women can eat,too. Not little blue pills. ^_* !!


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