Monday, October 10, 2005

steam dumplings?

This steam dumpling is famous in Shang-hai. You can eat it almost in every shop. Almost the same good in every shop.

This shop is famous for its steam dumpling in Taipei. Many Japanese come to Taiwan to eat at this shop. ( ) But, no such crowded people in this one's branch shop in Shang-hai. Every time when I pass by this shop( located in Taipei, Sec. 3 xin-yi road ) , there are many people waiting in a line. Many Japanese TV or movie stars come to Taiwan to eat at this shop. If they do not eat, they will feel sad.

But, dumplings? It really named in "bun" in Chinese. How can it be dumplings? This named in 湯包 in Chinese. The meaning of this is bun with meat soup. So, you need to bite it carefully. Otherwise, you will be burned easily by hot meat soup inside this bun.

How can meat soup be inside bun? Oh, that's easy. Animal lipid has lower melting point. So, soup with animal lipid should be in solid in lower temperature. That will be easy for them to pack meat soup into bun. After steam, lipid & meat soup melt, so it become " soup" inside bun . That's the reason for it called "湯包" .( meat soup with bun) Th flavor and texture depends on the meat soup most.

You also need to add some ginger & vinegar. (like my 2 nd & 3rd picture) How to eat this "steam dumpling" right? Pick up one, put it in your spoon, with giner & vinegar. Bite small first (like me 1st picture). Then you can see "meat soup" inside your bun. Eat them all carefully. Cause it is very hot.


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