Thursday, October 13, 2005

Aunty Fairy?

mm, it is easy to let kids to like you. Candy, juice, food, toys and clothes. By the way, also need to know every character in different cartoons which kids like to watch.

Stuffy toys are most popular toys for small kids. See, I have a lot. So, kids, especially little girls, all like to go to my room. I have 2 pandas. Also we call it pa pa bear (趴趴熊) in Taiwan. Now, panda is very hot here in Taiwan. Cause, the ex-leader of KMT visited China few months ago. The national chairman of China promised to send 1 pair of panda to us. By the way, the ex-leader of KMT, Mr. Liang, will go to China again. "Tomb sweep trip" , he said. But, he will go to see panda.

There are 11 canditates. China will choose 1 male & 1 female panda to us as a gift. The most important thing for panda to be choosen is ability to have baby panda. * _^ !!

So, in the nearly future, we can see real panda in Taiwan. No need to go to China. *_^ !!


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