Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First image to China

"shit" ! is my firt image to China. Really. I am not joking. Cause the time when I went to Shang-hai was in winter. We all know there is air condition in airplane. So, I do not need to wear to much clothes. But, after I steped out to airplane, so cold. "Shit" is my first image to China. No, I shall say, shit, so cold.

As you know, Taiwan is in subtropic area. So, hot and warm. How can I imagine the weather is so cold in Shang-hai in winter? Frankly speaking, I didn't care about the weather. I was looking for my another roommate in university time. She flied alone. We supposed to meet in macau airport first. But, I didn't see her. I had her flight number, but she was not in that flight. If I didn't find her, where can she sleep in such cold night? We planed to sleep in my sister's home.

Thanks for our & China gonvernment. We need to tranfer in the 3rd place. That the reason for us to go to macau airport. Thanks for this again. The weather in macau was not good. So, delayed & delayed.

I almost delayed for 4 hours to arrive to Shang-hai. 1.5 hours delayed in Taipei & 2 hours in macau. The most funny thing is I met my roommate in custom. Oh, thanks to the work speed of custom in China. We waited at least for 40 mins.

Why I mention this now? Oh, cause the same in my this trip. I thought last time when I went to China was hot season for traveling. Delay is normal. But, this time? delayed again. My 2nd imagine to China still is "shit" !

Cause, they missed my luggage. No tray sign for me to find my luggage. Oh, I shall say, they changed so fast. Their custom was too slow. After I passed custom, I coun't find my luggage.

Asking? yes, good way. When I went to counter, they told me "over there". When I went "there", no any luggage. What kind of international airport it is? So, my 2nd imagine still is "shit" ~~~~


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