Tuesday, October 11, 2005

girl with a nice heart?

Today, I done a examination. My powerful & professional doctor said : "No problem with your heart" . mm, it means that I am a girl with a nice heart? Maybe my roommate won't agree this. Cause, I always do things to make her angry. Not only because I am a naughty girl. She gets angry easily. She likes to complian a lot. I always called her the 11th aboriginal people in Taiwan. We now only have 10 different kind of aboriginal races here in Taiwan. What is the 11th? It called "not satisfied people on the flat ground"(平地不滿族) . It will be interesting to speak in Chinese. Cause the same pronuciation.

These 2 pictures were taken during our Chinese launar new year. I was in Shang-hai. My roommate likes to eat strawberries very much. But, strawberries are small & expensive here in Taiwan. Taiwan is a subtropic area, so, not suitable for strawberries to grow up. But, in shang-hai, strawberries are cheap & big.

The reason for me to take these 2 pictures is to make my roommate angry. (Naughty girl likes to do this.) The price of those strawberries is 72 NTD, almost equals to 2 Euro dollars. Cheap? My roommate has not seen snow in person in her life. She likes snow. Same as I said before, Taiwan is a subtropic area, it's not easy for us to see snow in Taiwan, usually. So, this picture can make her angry. *_^ !!

The most reason for her to angry at "us" is , yes, us. My other 2 roommates went to Shang-hai to celebrate our Chinese New Year with me.

So, am I still a girl with nice heart? ^_* !!


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