Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Li-jiang trip : 1st day

This is me in Shang-hai Po-Dong international airport. What is behind me? Place for Taiwanese who has "Taiwanese residental certificate" to apply visa to go to China , is my translation right? That is our so called " 台胞證", we all make fun of it. We also call it "呆胞證" . Cause , "呆" sounds like "台". "呆" mean idiot. So, this is idiot Taiwanese residental certificate. The price for us to apply a new one is 1800 NTD. We can use it for 5 year. But, every 3 months, we need to apply a new visa.(If you want to go to China) The price of this visa is 700 NTD. Simply speaking, we need to apply "Taiwanese residental certificate" first, like "passport". Then we need to apply visa. If we Taiwanese want to go to China, we need to apply "Taiwanese residental certificate" first. If our this certificate will be dued in 6 months, we need to apply a new one. (Really like passport) Each time when we go to China, we need to apply visa. So, each time when we go to China, we need to spend at least 700 NTD. The government of China always "say" : "Taiwan is a part of China." But, who needs passort to go travel around one's own country? " So, do we not idiot enough?

I always dress like that. My beautiful elder sister always say : " my "俗" sister" ~~~ Yes, really very "俗" ! But, it is convenient. No one want to steal money from me. Cause, I really look like no money person.

That is my mother is my 2nd picture. She was picking her sauce. We were going to eat hot & spice meal in that night. We ate meat slice of sheep. What behind my mother is a brief introduction of this shop. About a famous ancient Chinese gonvernment officer who went to a cold place to raise sheeps.

In my 3rd picture is our hot & spice dinner. I do not know how to say in English. We need to put our meat slice into boiling soup & boiled the meat slice. After boiled, we can eat. We also can put vegetables, mushrooms, sea foods & etc into it. One side is spice, the other is not. After meat slice was boiled in the spice soup, the meat absorbed spicy soup. Then, hot & spicy meat. I like spicy food. Delicious. :)

The young man in my 4th picture was making Chinese noodles. What he made tasted very elastic. This one is especially for you. I know you will feel curious, alien.


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