Friday, October 14, 2005

Cute Shang-hai people?

Can you read in Chinese simplified? If you can read in it, you will know what is behind me. I also can tell you. The meaning of that sign is to be a cute Shang-hai people with civilization. Why I needed to take this picture? mm, cause this sign is really very criticized.
This sign is in a subway station. ( People's square station, 人民廣場) What is civilization? Waiting in a line? No spit on roads? Yes, these are part of civilization. People in Shang-hai usually do not wait in a line when wait for bus or subway. (or other transmit tools) So, you know my meaning, now.
Same as you know, I am a good citizen here in Taiwan. But, when I in Shang-hai, I followed what local people do. I also could find seat for my 2 roommates or my Mother. Really fast. Not need high tech techniques. Only need to see well.
My roommates said , " you should ask you elder sister to give you award. Really good. Like local peole. Do not bring all this "technique" back to Taiwan." ~~~ ^_* !!
My mother was so suprised,too. Well, so, I have potential to live in China. mm, really like local people. Do I need to be happy or sad about this? Like local people in China. Depends.


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