Sunday, October 16, 2005

whole sale market of clothes in taipei

See the sign? Wo-feng- pu market. This place is a wholesale market of clothes in Taipei. The design of clothes they sell in this market is very fashion. But, the material of most clothes is not good. Especially those which were sold in 100 NTD. (equals to 2.5 euro dollars) See my 3rd picture, this is a sign. The meaning of that sign is "special offer, 100NTD for 1"

Many people, especially those teanage girls or girls in early twenty ages like to go this place to buy clothes. Cheap & fashion. See, so many people are there. (see my 2 nd picture) Many Japanese come to this market. I heard they spoke in Japanese. Some of them are tourists, some of them live in Taiwan. There are also some western people to go shopping in this market. But, really rare to see. Koreans go shooping here,too. Maybe just because clothes they sell in this market is in small size. *_^ !!

This place is near songshan train station. See my first picture. Address is in that sign.


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