Saturday, October 15, 2005

my cardio-exercise *_^!

This is my bike. There are 2bottles of ice water & my rain coat in my basket. (in case of raining) Usually, during weekend days, I go out by my bike. EXERCISE. Yes, that's my cardio exercise. Same as I said before, I am a girl with good heart. Oh, forget to tell you the function of those bad CD disks on my basket. To reflect car light. Cause, I have no light in my bike. How can car dirvers know my exist?

Usually, I go glossary shopping during weekend days. Today, I need to buy 2 fashion magazines for Ivory. Usually, I buy books in the bookshop near NTNU. (National Taiwan Normal University) I need to ride my bike at least 30 minutes to that shop. Why I buy books there? Yes, discount. They have discounts. Usually from 10% to 30%. (depends on publishers) New books, not old ones. I can buy books in cheap prices & do my exercise together. So, you know the reason for me to go that shop now.

The shop is located in Shi-da road. (my 2nd picture is that bookshop & 3rd picture is the road sign)


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