Friday, October 14, 2005

Cheap lunch in expensive district

This is my lunch today. How much did I spend? 50NTD. (equals to 1.2 Euro dollars) Cheap? Not really. But, it's really very cheap in the district I work. The distric I work is Shin-yi district. The tallest building in the world, yes, the 101 building is next to my office building. I can go to eat my lunch in the shopping mall in 101 building. So near? Yes. There are also many expensive famous brand shops in the shopping mall in 101 building. So, can that district be cheap? NO WAY.

The one in that spoon is shrimp with fish syrup(魚漿). Others inside my bowl are rice noodles, spice and soup.

What are people in my 2nd picture doing? They are waiting to buy ice drink. (or hot drink) So many people? Yes. Selling ice drink maybe can make a lot of money here in Taiwan. See, the bald man in the very left corner in my picture. He is an American. He can not speak in Chinese. I know. Because he spoke English to the girl next to him. (He said "in USA ~~" many times, I heard) Even he knows to buy ice drink in such place in Taipei. So, maybe really good to sell ice drink in Taipei. *_^ !!


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