Friday, October 14, 2005

To-fu with bad smell & salty soybean milk

This is my dinner. To-fu with bad smell. There are also garlic sauce, soybean sauce, hot spice & pickles in my dish. The price of this is 40 NTD. (equals to 1 Euro dollar) Why I like this to-fu with bad smell? Bad smell? This to-fu is fermented. Bad smell was formed during the fermented procedure. This to-fu is not rancidy. The one in my picture is fried. There is also steamed to-fu with bad smell.

Salty soybean milk? hear that before? mm, see my 2nd picture. That is my "roommate in hornor". We ate out salty soybean milk in Shang-hai. The owner of this chain store is Taiwanese. The name of this chain store is "yo ho soybean milk" (永和豆漿). Yo -ho is a place in Taipei county. But, those foods in that chain store are quite different from those in Taiwan. Maybe they have the same name, but, flavor is really different.

Why I ordered salty soybean milk? mm, Cause, that one is hot. The day we were in Shang-hai was very cold. The 2nd reason is the flavor of sweet soybean milk is lighter. Like adding a lot of water in soybean milk. My roommates ordered. They told me. The price of this salty soybean milk is 3 or 4 RMB, equals to 12 or 16 NTD, also equals to 0.3 Euro dollars. I forgot the real price. But, in my memory, the price of sweet soybean milk is same as salty one. So, why should I order sweet one?

You can see there are a lot of traditional chinese vegetables in my bowl. More than the one in Taiwan. So, of course, order the salty one. *_^ !!


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