Sunday, October 16, 2005

pirated DVD

See those words in my picture. 3 Japanese tv program sets only cost 500 NTD. (equals to 125 euro dollars) Cheap? See the monitor. They were playing Japanese TV program. The owner of that shop were playing vcds on that monitor. Usually, there is a shelf. They put a lot of vcds or dvds on that shelf. But, why you do not see that in my picture? Cause, there was a policeman standing in the front exist of that night market. So, you know my meaning. *_^ !!

They also sell pirated DVDs. 400 or 450 NTD for 1 set. But, I do not buy there. I always buy in China. Cause, the price of 1 dvd set is 30 RMB, equals to 120 NTD(6 disks). That's the price I buy in Shang-hai now. Maybe you can buy lower price in other small cities. The price I bought in Shang-hai was 180 NTD.(6 disks) Cause my sister bought a lot of dvds from a shop in Shang-hai. The owner gives her a special offer now. If you want to buy hollywood movies, the price will be 5 RMB for 1 disk, too.( equals to 20 NTD) All the same. The price for 1 disk is 5 RMB, but , you can not buy 1 disk from 1 tv program set.


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