Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oyster omelet

Eat this before? I knew you ate it before. This is famous food in Zhang-hua county. The one you have been to. Lu- gang. Same as you know, Taiwan is a small island. So, not so many special food you can eat only in a city. You can eat oyster omelet almost in every night market.

The one between my chopsticks is oyster. Small? yes. It will be bigger in Zhang-hua. (It's a harbor city. Sea food, of course.) The brown-red sauce on the top of my oyster omelet is a mixture of soybean sauce & hot spice.

Usually, they add casava starch liquid in a pan first, then add some oysters, egg, then vegetables. (like my 2nd picture) The price of this is 40 NTD. (equals to 1 Euro dollar)


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