Saturday, October 22, 2005

ding bian chuo

This time, I do really not know how to translate it. This is mix of Taiwanese & Chinese Manderin. I can tell you what is inside the bowl. The one in my spoon is made of a kind of starch. They add this starch in water, then mix it. After mixed, they add this mixture to a hot pot. Along the edge of that hot pot. Then that mixture will become "solid" . They can take that solid apart from pot edge. Then, you can have ding bian chuo ,now.

Why dian bian? dian is a knd of pot in Chinese. bian is the edge. chuo is the way they take apart solid mixture from pot edge. The mouth feel of this is also elastic.

What are others in that bowl? Shrimps syrup, meat syrup, vegetables, bamboo, celery & special spices. The price of this is 40 NTD. This is famous in Keelng night market, too.


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