Saturday, October 22, 2005

night market of Keelung

Most of you know that I have to do a human clinical trial in Keelung every 4 weeks. Today, I need to go there and do a small test. Of course, I went to a night market. This night market is famous in Taiwan.

Keelung is a harbor. So, there is a lot of sea food. "Bingo" ! You are right. See my 3 pictures. Crabs thick soup, sea shells & lobsters. mm, really looks so decilous. But, I didn't eat. mm, too high calories for me to eat those. What did I eat for my dinner? Soybean milk ice cream & a soup. I will tell you tomorrow or days later. Cause, I am too tired today.

This night market is not far from keelung train station. Easy to go there.


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