Saturday, October 22, 2005

soybean milk icecream in keelung night market

This is soybean milk icecream with "pearl". (粉圓豆奶爽) I didn't translate it directly from Chinese. I translated it by the meaning of that "icecream". This pearl is not real pearl. This is made of casava starch, caramel pigment & modified starch. Why I know this so clear? Same as you know, my major is food science. Of course, I know this.

Why we Taiwanese like to eat that "pearl"? The mouth feel of that pearl is elastic. I can teach you how to make good pearls. First, you can buy a pack of dried pearl in stores. Then, put them into boil water. Boil them, but, remember to stir. Then, put them into ice water for a while. Then, you can have elastical pearls to eat.

My 1st picture is the look of soubean ice cream. The brown ones are pearls. You can realized the size of pearls in my 2nd picture.

The name of this store in Keelung night market is "3 brothers" (三兄弟) ! The price of this "ice cream" is 40 NTD. (1 Euro dollar)


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