Monday, October 24, 2005

My lunch, today

mm, Today is a little bit cool. My colleague wanted to eat something hot. So, we went to eat "sea food noodles" . A bowl of sea food noodles & a cup of green milk tea are my lunch today. They cost me 75 NTD. (Around 2 Euro)

What is inside my bowl? Shrimps, of course. Fish meat, sea shells, fish meat syrup ball, vegetables, fish meat syrup slices. What is so special for you inside? Pig's liver. The small brown one above my spoon in my picture.

We Chinese believe that what part of animal you eat can help you to improve the part of yourself. Or you can improve that part of yourbody which is similar to the look of what you eat.(以形補形)

So, now you know why there is a slice of pig's liver inside my bowl. To help to improve the function of your liver. In fact, there are a lot of vitamins & iron inside pig's liver. But, there is also much antibotic. So, eat or not? depends on yourself.


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