Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dang gui tu sh

This is my favorite food. Believe it or not, when the first time for me to eat this, I had no guts to eat. That was 14 years ago, when I was still freshman in university. What wonderful time it was. Though I am Chinese and I live in Taiwan, I did not know anything related with Chinese herb medicine before 18 years old. And, I almost did not eat any Taiwanese food before 18 years old. Strange? No. Cause my mother & my grandfather came from Shang-hai. My mother cooks Shang-hai food. My mother cooks very well, so, do I need to eat out? No such need. *_^ !!

Why 18 years old? Cause I studied in Taichung and did not lived with my parents at those 6 years. mm, wonderful time, my decision was right. I decided to study outside Taipei city. *_^ !! So, I ate out with my classmates. mm, dang qui ti sh is the 1st food for me to eat after night trip. Night trip? When I was university student, we liked to go out in the night. Few boys & girls, rode motocycles and etc. Of course, girls sat back on motocycles. That would be boys' "welfare". Why? cause girls maybe afraid of fast speed & hug boys tightly. But, me, NO. I am "good" motorcycles rider. This "good" means fast speed. *_^ . So, can I be afraid of fast speed?

After night trip, we ususally went to night market to find something hot to eat. Especially in cool & cold days. Dang gui is a kind of Chinese herb medicine. Tu sh is a kind of fish. or I shall call it Clarias fuscus. See my 1st picture, dang gui tu sh is a soup with fish. The green one is basil. They add dang gui & few other Chinese herbs to make that soup.

The first time for me to eat this, I only ate fish. The meat of tu sh is very soft. I like to eat it's skin. Soft and maybe there is a lot of collagen in tu sh' skin. Usually, people in Taiwan like to eat head of tu sh. And if you order head of tu sh, that will be need to add 10 NTD or more. I like to eat body of tu sh. I have no guts to eat head of tu sh. Casue, I was frightened by tu sh before. See my 3rd picture, that's tu sh. It can live in a pond. That time, it suddenly showed up & opened it's big mouth. So ugly & disgusting. After that time, I did not eat it for a long time.

This is my dinner today. How much does it cost? 50NTD.


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