Sunday, October 30, 2005

that "hot" ~~

Yes, washi street also famous for this kind of "hot". There was a place for hookers. Usually, we women did not go there alone. Why? afraid of "missunderstanding".

I shall explain wahsi street more. There is a famous temple near washi street. Many people go there to bai-bai. There is a big night market also. But, maybe in a small alley, there are hookers. Thats' " before". Now, here in Taiwan, we do not have any licenses for hookers. Before, there was. Hookers who had licenses needed to do health examine every year. NO sexual diseases ones could have licenses next year. Washi street is a place for many hookers to "work". Casue, that place was a crowded places.

This picture was taken in the night market. They sold this kind of toy on a road. In other night markets, I do not see so "open" & so many. Maybe only in this washi street night market. *_^ !!


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