Monday, October 24, 2005

cake of pig's blood

Afriad of it? or disgusting? Same as you know, we Chinese almost eat everything. Except for tables & chairs. This one is made of waxy rice & blood of duck. The light brown powder outside cake is powder of peanuts. (in my 1st picture) The color of that cake is black, like the one in my 2nd picture. You can have 4 choices. Not spicy, little spicy , medium spicy & hot spicy. The price of this is 25 NTD.

Same as you see in my 3rd picture. They put cake of pig's blood in a steam box. If you want to buy it, the boss will take it out of the steam box. Before, they used blood of pigs, but, now, they use blood of duck to make this. Duck? mm, bird flu? oh, no~~~ I just ate one cake of pig's blood.


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