Sunday, October 30, 2005

Snake soup

mm, I promised you. Althought I am Chinese, I still have no guts to eat that. Especially, alone. I asked my colleague to go with me. Casuse there is a big night market for tourists. Many nice food to eat. But, she said "NO" ~~~~.

In fact, snake soup is good to people, especially in summer or when you are "hot". mm, this "hot" is not that kind of "hot". Do not missunderstand my meaning. This "hot" is the same as "hot " in Chinese medicine theory. Usually, when you have acens on your face, that means you are "hot". This is the simplest way to explain that "hot". Of course, there are a lot of kind of hot in Chinese medicine theroy.

See my picture, there are many people to see the snake show. That man said, if you come to washi street and do not see any snake show, that will be a big pitty. See, some snakes are sleeping in the shelf.

There are not only snake soup in that shop. See the sign, mm, there are many other kind of animals, such as mouse, deers, chicken, turtles, pupa , birds & other animals who live in mountain. Terrible Chinese?

Usually, you can not take picture of snakes or what they sell related with snakes. mm, how can I do this? mm, techniques. *_^ !!


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