Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oyster narrow noodles (oyster mian xian)

This time, I do not know how to translate "mian xian" into English. See my bowl, that "noodles" is called "mian xian" in Chinese. Narrow than general noodles. What are there in my spoon this time? The left one is oyster and the right one is pig's intestines. Usually, we Taiwanese have mian xian with oyster or mian xian with pig's intestines. But, I can not eat too much. So, I ordered mix one, mian xian with oyster & pig's intestines together. The price of this is 35 NTD.( equals to 1 Euro)

Thanks to deCinabre again for telling black pudding. I found that animal blood is really a kind of nice food in many countries. *_^ !! Blood sausage seems to be a kind of food in Tibet, northern east part of China & Mongolia, too.


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