Tuesday, October 25, 2005

large flavored sausage

Miki told me that sausage in Europe is not sweet. We add some sugar in sausage here in Taiwan. But, this kind of sausage maybe you only can eat here in Taiwan. (See my picture) Usually, that man roasted sausage first. Then add a kind of flavor on it. You can choose the one you like. See, there are 14 kind of flavors on the top sign. There are original flavor, cream, honey, lemon, pepper, wasabi, steak, hot spicy, garlic, extremely hot spicy and so on.

See there is a small picture under the sign? The man in the right side in that small picture is our Taipei city mayor, Mr. Ma. What is the fuction of that picture? mm, the owner wants people to know Mr. Ma ate this before & felt good.

What is the flavor I choose? mm, see my 2nd picture. Red sauce on my sausage. Extremely hot spicy one. *_^ !!


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