Thursday, October 27, 2005

dao xiao mian (noodles sliced by a knife)

dao xiao mian? mm, noodles sliced by a knife, can you understand, now? See the noodles in my picture. Can you find any difference ? The shape of this dao xiao mian is not as general noodles. The shape of dao xiao main is irregular. Cause this is sliced by a knife, maybe I shall say, sliced by human, not by machine. So, mouth feel of this dao xiao mian is more elastic. (Compared with general noodles)

What is the flavor of my noodles? Acidy & hot spicy noodles. What are there inside my bowel? Vegetables, sliced carrot, egg , to-fu, sliced pork meat and spice. (pepper, vinegar, salt)

What are those in my 2nd picture? The light orange one is pickled spicy turnip. The deep brown color one in the right is a kind of seaweed. Next to seawed is sliced to-fu. And, the one in light brown color is sliced pig's ear. All those are stewed with soybean sauce & Chinese herbs.


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