Monday, October 31, 2005

Ban zhuo ?

Ban zhuo? How can I translate this into English? Very Hard! Casue, this is Taiwanese, not Chinese. mm, see my picture, that woman was preparing food on a road. She was preparing food for a big feast. On the other side, they were bai-bai. After bai bai, they would need to have a big feast. That woman was preparing food for them. Of course, they all ate food on a road.

Usually, we Taiwanese call this kind of feast pan zhuo. That means big feast eat on a road. Surprising to you? Usually, when we have weddings, big bai bai or funerals, we will have this ---ban zhou. That's our tradition. But, now in big city, like Taipei, seldom to see this. In countryside cities, maybe you still can find this easily.


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