Tuesday, November 01, 2005

fortune teller

One another famous thing related with Washi street is fortune teller. Maybe I shall say, related with longshan temple. ( ) Washi street is near longshan temple.

See my 1st picture, that fortune teller was sleeping. Maybe he has bad business. There were 3 people asking another fortune teller in my 2nd picture. She saw me taking her picture and was angry. So, the best choice for me is run away. *_^ !!

From my personal experiences, most of those fortune teller can predict some easy things well. Especially those thing will be happened in the nearly future, maybe couple days. But, big things or things will be happened in couple months later, maybe they can not predict well.

Do you know what I asked before? Yes, when will I get married? NO ONE CAN PREDICT WELL. They said, 26, 28, 31 years old and etc. But, now? I am still single availible. Now, they say after 35 years old. mm, I do not believe them anymore. Now, I take this as a joke.

But, if they tell me some things I need to take care more, especially in my personality, I will follow they instruction. I always say : " They can not predict good things well, but they do can predict bad things well. Usually, bad things come true. " Dark magic? *_^ !!


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