Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hot spring in I-lan

I-lan county is also famous for hot spring. It's carbonate hot spring. No heavy smell. My 1st & 2nd pictures were taken by me on my last trip to caoling trail. This is Chao-shi train station. You can have free hot spring just in front of train station. Not bad? ha ha. The water is very clean. The blue & brown color are the color of pool bottom.

You can go to free hot spring, like my 1st & 2nd pics. Or you can go to hot spring for 1 person. (if you want to go "2 person" is also fine, that depends on you. ^_* ! ) Like my 3rd & 4th pics. Why are there cars in my 3rd & 4th pics? Cause this so called house of hot spring is on road side. See, there are 2 doors in my 3rd pic. You can have your personal hot spring in those rooms. Why I took my 4th pic? Food, they sell food there. After you had a hot spring bath, you can buy some food to eat or drinks to drink there.

There are also free hot spring pool for people to go. But, I can not take pictures. Why? Do you think I can take pictures of naked men? Do they let me take? ha ha~~ By the way, I need to tell you this. People usually take a bath before they jump into hot spring pool in Japan & also naked, men & women are seperated in different rooms. But, in Taiwan, we usually wear swimming suit. But, this is "usually". Some hot spring pools here in Taiwan are Japan style. So, same as the rule in Japan. The best way for you to do is ask first. *_^ !!


  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger cdubthebabyshooter said…

    In Japan, many hot springs have a ban on tattoos. Is it the same in Taiwan and China? I was lucky, I have no tattoos so I was able to emjoy the Japanese hot springs when I was there.

  • At 10:12 PM, Blogger MeiyunnChung said…

    Well, we do not have a ban on tattoos. Here in Taiwan, maybe only people of gang have tatoos. So, can we have guts to ban them? ha ha~~


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