Sunday, December 04, 2005

Taiwanese tourist group-3

These pics also taken by me on my trip to caoling historical trail. Is this trail so hard to go? Why those people need to use hand stick or umbrella? That maybe the question you want to ask. Yes, that is my question,too. :)

See my 2nd pic, there are many people sitting there. mm, resting area. :) See, they are drinking water , finding food from backpack to eat & chatting. Traditional image to Taiwanese? :)

After maybe 30 mins walk, we see there are street vendors. mm, see my 3rd pic, so many people are finding food to eat there. See that women in my 4th pic, she is asking roated sausege there and she is eating ice cream,too. (She is my friend, too )

People in my 5th pic is eating their lunch box. Lunch box of Fulong is very famous. Maybe they are eating Fulong lunch box. See, it is a nice place for whole family to go. Exercise for 2 hours, I mean, walking. Then, all families sit together to eat luch box, mm, nice family activity. :)

So, my conclusion is where there are Chinese, there will be food. Am I right? :)


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