Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stewed mutton with chinese herb medicine

mm, it has been rainy & cool in recently days. Do you know what we Chinese love to do in such days? Eat ! Right ! Eat something helpful. :) Same as I said before, penis of animals maybe the most popular food in this time. *_^ !!! I am a girl, I do not eat penis of animals. But, Chinese men maybe love to eat penis of animals in such cool days. :) (To help them become "stronger" )

Not only we can eat in stores or street vendors, but aslo we can eat at our homes. No need to stew those food for couple hours. We have frozen food. *_^ !! Frozen stewed mutton soup with Chinese herb medicine. (or other kinds)

You just need to follow the instruction on labels. Add water & boil. So simple, right? This is my lunch today. See, there are real mutton and frozen to-fu inside that soup. I didn't add anything else, only water. Not bad? the price of this maybe around 100 NTD, I for got.

No, not all eaten by myself for my lunch, my mother also ate. There are still a lot in my refrigerator. I have no such a big stomach. :)


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