Monday, November 14, 2005

The 1st model in Taiwan

Well, do you think this girl beautiful? Lin- chih-ling , the most famous model in Taiwan. She is so called the 1st famous model here in Taiwan. Well, but, according to our news papers, magazines & TV news, she had no chance to attend international shows. So, why do our Taiwanese like her? Men in Taiwan are crazy for her, well, will you?

She had an accident & very ill months ago. At that time, general people started to know that she likes stuffy toys, too. (She is 31 years old, now. )What in my 2nd picture are the ones she likes best. The name of these are kiki & lala.(Created by Japanese) Kiki & la la are cute, but, not so well known in Taiwan. Usually, girls in Asia like hello kitty. (The one in my 3rd picture) She is 30 years old & she is Japanese. Cause, she, I mean, hello kitty was created by Japanese,too. After our so called the 1st famous model had an accident, kiki & lala became famous. Why? all related with this so called 1st famous model. People, especially men, like to know what she likes, what she wears, what she eats & so on.

Will you feel strange? 30 years old lady like stuffy toys? well, maybe in the west countries, 30 years old lady shall like man, not stuffy toys. But, in Asia, maybe from Japan, men like women to be cute or pretend to be cute. See my fourth picture, this was taken in front of a flower shop. See, there are small bears instead of flowers. So, I am right? Cute or to pretend to be cute.

So, now, it is a little bit late, the time for me to go to bed. Let you guess what are there on my bed? Of course, no tall European man is waiting on my bed for me. (This, of course, jokes. ) Only my baby sheep, panda (pa pa bear), Snoopy, monkey, fish, cow & micky mouse. Stuffy toys are waiting on my bed for me. That's normal for Eastern girls. Different from your culture? :)


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