Saturday, November 12, 2005

little girl's dream

Since someone left a message for me and thought that I am very girlish(mm, yes, of course, I am very girlish), so, I went to the street famous for wedding dress today. Wedding dress? maybe this is a beautiful dream of every little girl. Why I went there? Of course, I don't need to choose wedding dress for myself. I needed to go some places near there, so , I went there and also took some beautiful wedding dress pictures.

There are 2 streets famous for wedding dress here in Taipei. One is Zhong-shan N. Road(between Sec. 2 & 3, there are many wedding dress shops), the other one is near CKS memorial hall. There is a street famous for wedding dress in Taichung, too. I forget the name of that street now. But, how can I know the this so well? Cause that place was the place I liked to go when I was a graduated school student. When I could not do my exp. well, could not find a way to describe my exp. data or could not satisfied my professor, then I went to that street to see beautiful wedding dress. That could make me feel much better & happy at that time. (But, now. no more. )Same as I said, wedding dress maybe is a beautiful dream of every little girl. Of course, I am no exception.

We rent wedding dress here in Taiwan. Few people buy. Cause, who want to wear wedding dress for twice? at least, at the time they want to get married. ^_* !! Before, maybe 20 years ago, people still bought their own wedding dress. But, now, most of people rent. They usually take a lot of pictures. Of course, in different kinds of dresses & places. Usually, we rent wedding dress, take pictures & make them into an album. That's the "situation" here in Taiwan. Different from you?

See my 2nd picture. The ablums there for people to see are taken by photographers in that shop. You can know the style of photographers by seeing his or her pictures. If you like, you can go inside the shop and ask more detailed things. See my 3rd picture. That man is a foreigner. mm, it seems that he is already very familar with the culture here in Taiwan. *_^ !! What style of wedding dress do I like best? See my 1st picture then you can know. *_^ !!

But, this style of wedding dress maybe not suitable for Chinese wedding . Maybe I shall find a tall European man !! ha ha~~ but, bald man, NO. ~~~ not like the one in my 3rd picture. *_^ !!


  • At 7:33 AM, Blogger deCinabre said…

    Well, you've upset me, meiyunnchung. That man in that picture is me before I went grey.

  • At 3:01 PM, Blogger MeiyunnChung said…

    Well, do not need to get angry. Cause we chinese have an old saying about bald men. 9 of 10 bald men are rich.

    Yes, it is. Those wedding dress in that shop in my picture are very expensive. We Taiwanese all know. Our president's daughter made her wedding dress there few years ago. Only rich people can offer the spends of that shop.

    So, bald men are rich. ha ha , Unless you want to be or you are the tenth bald man. *_^ !! smile~~

  • At 7:14 PM, Blogger deCinabre said…

    'deci' = 10th.

    Maybe you know some rich women who you could introduce me to (not bald women!)? Short skirts are OK; but rabbit in a box is not so good - it's for chat up only:
    "What have you got in the box?"
    "That's my lickle rabbit, Bunnikins."
    "Can I stroke him?"
    "Ahhhhhhh, he likes you. Do you like my Bunnikins?"
    "Yes... I like you, too."
    "You want to come have a look in this expensive wedding dress shop with me?"

  • At 8:01 PM, Anonymous meiteipei said…

    my frend told about this. Is not correct. Rabbit must visit to doctor of animals to fix bad ear. I must wear short skirt cause thighs too sensative.


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