Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tiny Asian girl ~~ ^_* !!

Well, do not misunderstand anything. I do not have this special "interest". Of course, I love man, ok? But, why did I take this picture? Cause there was a really funny thing happened last afternoon.

I was on my way to a subway station near my home. There was a young man, 20 years old around, maybe. He asked his friend out to see this girl very quickly. So, his action made me want to take a picture of this girl.

In fact, I saw this girl before that young man and I was thinking about her short skirt. mm, a little bit can not cover her ass, maybe that is "good" for men. *_^ !!! When this idea was still in my mind, that young man & his friend showed up. mm, really "teanager" .~~~~*_^ !! Can not hide their "interest" any more. ^_* !!

This girl is really hot, in the standard of Asian men or teangers. *_^ !! Oh, She is not only good in figure, but also good in looking. I saw her face and I also saw what inside her white-red box. There was a rabbit inside. That is her pet. Cute? So, really a hot & cute tiny Asian girl. *_^ !! Nice picture? ha ha~~


  • At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Daniel said…

    Very funny post!

  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger docballi said…

    Happy new year
    Nice woman...
    congratulation for you blog,nice you pictures
    Alfredo from Mexico


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