Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Roasted Pig Knuckle

mm, really good to eat. This is my lunch today. The price of this is 260 NTD. (equals to 65 Euro) This is sold in B1 of the 101 building. I ate this in Germany 5 years ago. I miss that flavor so much. So, when I find this in B1 of the 101 building, the first thing for me to do is to order it. *_^ !!

The 101 building is the tallest building in the world now. mm, frankly speaking, I have no special feeling about it now. I can see it every day. My office is located in world trade center and just next to the 101 building. Envy me so much? :) Well, now I find a new thing to do about this building. It seems that the lights outside the building are in different colors every day. Today is Monday, the color of lights are pink. Well, what will be the color of lights tomorrow? mm, maybe this is my new interest. :)


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