Tuesday, November 15, 2005

wa gui (Rice pudding)

Well, this is really Taiwanese food, not from China. mm, I think so. At least, not from China in recently 60 years. :) This is made of rice milk. A kind of sticky & starch content rich rice. You can stir rice & water together, then, boil that "rice milk " , after cooling down, wa gui shows up. mm, maybe. mm, in my poor memory. *_^ !!

The light brown liquid on the top is sweet soybean sauce. Those small white particles in the middle part of wa gui are garlic sauce. See my 2nd picture, there is a boiled egg inside my wa gui. Not only boiled egg, meat also. I just want to show you what "maybe" inside. Why "maybe"? Because depends on price. If the price is high, maybe there are more food inside wa gui. This one is 30 NTD.

I remember that deCinabre told me about "pudding" before. Maybe you call this rice pudding, too. Yes, maybe I shall call it rice pudding. Cause it tastes a little bit like pudding. :) Salty rice pudding? *_^ !! But, maybe no Taiwanese can understand this. The best name for you to call about this food in Taiwan is wa -gui.

Why wa-gui? Cause we Taiwanese call bowel in "wa " , qui is a kind of cake. This is pronuciation of Taiwanese, not Chinese. *_^ !! Maybe I shall go to Tainan & ask my roommate in university time to take me to eat some real good & traditional Taiwanese food. Then, I can show you more. But, I will need to attend my friend's wedding after 2 weeks & I will be the bride's mate of my another roommate in university time in April next year. In order to let myself can dress in my dress, I need to on a diet. :( So, maybe this is not a good idea for me to go to Tainan. *_^ !!

This is what my colleage told me today. "mm, won't you attend that wedding on 3rd Dec.? Why you still eat so much? You said that you need to on a diet everyday~~~Just because of the wedding." ha ha~~ What can I say? well, I can not give up eating delicious food. *_^ !!


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