Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Vegetarian Sea Food Noodles

This is my dinner tonight. I do not satisfied with this vegetarian sea food noodles. Why? Cause I do not sea any vegetarin shrimps or vegetarian fish balls. Only vegetarian kamaboko. Can this call vegetarian sea food noodles? Vegetarian kamaboko is made of konjac powder & soy protein.

See my 2nd pic. The one is my spoon is vegetarian meat ball. It is made of soy protein. Those small brown spots in that meat ball are sliced mushrooms.

What is that between my chopsticks? Vegetarian ham. Similar to real ham? Of course, this vegetarian ham is made of soy protein.

This costs me 70 NTD, equals to 2 Euro , around.

Have you got any idea of vegetarian Chinese foods here in Taiwan?


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    How can I contact you if I go to Taiwan for food? :)
    You can email me at


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